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The Highland Clans - A Wee History

Welcome to the Highlander Workouts, a series of functional-based circuits aimed at developing power, explosive movement, speed, balance, coordination and strength building.

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Highlanders were the peoples who lived in the Highlands of Scotland in kinships or groups known as Clans.  The clans were originally extended networks of families who had loyalties to a particular chief and were the main political system in Scotland until the time of the battle of Culloden in 1746 and the Highland clearances which were effectively the end of the clan system.

The most important clan chiefs held power over the lands within their control, acting as king, protector and judge.  If a clan chief expanded territory, the new peoples swearing him allegiance often took the clan name.

Scottish Clans Map. Highlander workout. Strength and endurance. Warrior Workouts. Super Soldier Project.
 The rivalries between the clans and subsequent battles are legendary.

The history of clans is complex and interwoven, with clan names being usually associated with land or an area of Scotland where the particular clan lived. The clans lived off the land, with cattle being their main source of wealth and, along with border disputes (the prime cause of inter-clan unrest).  There were many bitter rivalries and feuds throughout Scottish history, indeed the violence meted out by Highland clans reached epic proportions as honour, power and territory were pursued and defended in often, barbaric measure.

Fearsome Reputation

The remoteness and ferocious reputation of the clans in the highlands lent them a kind of independence which made them for a time untouchable.  Scottish history is rife with tales of jealousy, atrocity, and endless raiding of cattle, goods and women!  Trust no-one, more treachery and skullduggery here than an episode of Game of Thrones!!! 

Throughout history, Scottish shock troops and in particular the Highlanders became famous for their reputation in the ‘Highland Charge’ (a Berserker like fearless all-out frontal attack!!).  Indeed, the English valued their ferocity so much that they incorporated them into their colonial armies and during various wars.  The Highlanders were often sent in during difficult sieges because enemies knew that if they faced the Highlanders (or the Gurkhas) little quarter would be given.

Highland Charge. Braveheart. Highland Workouts. Strength and Endurance Training. Super Soldier Project.
Uh-oh!! The Highland Charge! You're in trouble now!!

"Scottish by birth, British by law, Highlander by the grace of God."

— Ancient Scottish saying.

Highlander Workouts

The Scottish clans’ existence was a hardy one, exposed to harsh climates and rugged terrain, strength, skill, speed, mental toughness and physical endurance were prized attributes.  The 4 highlander workouts I have below are based on the pursuit of these. I hope you enjoy.

Equipment Required:

An equipment heavy workout this one, so if you don’t have access to the equipment you will have to be extra inventive! (See section on home training equipment) You will need…kettlebells. A bench. barbell plate.  Room to sprint, A battle rope. Cones. A sandbag.  A tyre. A hill to run up (or a treadmill with incline). A stopwatch with a bleep function. Skipping ropes. Suspension cables and dumbbells.

Some of the equipment required for the workouts... Kettlebells. A bench. barbell plate.  Room to sprint, A battle rope. A sandbag.  A tyre. A hill to run up (or a treadmill with incline). A stopwatch with a bleep function. Skipping ropes. Suspension cables and dumbbells.

Set and Reps:

The Highlander workouts should take you roughly half an hour.  Go easy if you are still new to highlander workouts, regress some of the exercises if you need to. If you are more advanced you may consider doing 2 x rounds!

The Battle of Stirling Workout

The Exercises:

  1. Kettlebell swings

    Kettlebell swings changing hands for 1 minute (Be careful!! If in doubt just do 30 seconds left hand, 30 seconds right!)

  2. Bunny hops on a bench

    for 1 minute.

  3. Squat hold with a barbell plate

    Hold the squat position with a barbell plate held at arm’s length for 1 minute. To make the exercise more difficult alternate rotation of the hands left and right throughout to work the obliques.

  4. Sprints with inchworms

    Sprint 1/4 of room. Perform an inchworm. Sprint the next 2/4 of the room. Inchworm. Repeat for time (2 minutes).

  5. Battle-ropes

    (1 minute Total) 30 seconds of fast battle rope waves 1 minute, then 30 seconds of battle rope slams.

  6. Full Burpees

    Press-up burpees non-stop for 1 minute.

  7. Agility drills

    Agility Drill. Run in and out of cones from one end of the room to the other. Then jump over cones on the way back. (1 minute total).

  8. Sandbag jumps

    Big jumps with sandbag rested on your shoulders or in the ‘rack’ position (pinned to your chest by your forearms) X 10 reps.

  9. Plank walk with sandbag drag

    Plank walks to the end of the room with sandbag drag. Have a sandbag on the floor underneath you at chest level. Walk forward on both hands, drag sandbag forward with one hand whilst maintaining plank with the other hand. Continue until the end of the room.

  10. Jump rope or bench step-ups

    Skipping rope for 1 minute or alternating feet taps on a bench (if you have no skipping ropes).

  11. Sprints with sandbag rows

    Run across the room with a sandbag. Stop in the middle and end of the room and undertake 10 sandbag rows. Repeat for time (1 minute).

Scathachs Workout. Tough. Brutal. Uncompromising. No Surrender. Super Soldier Project.
Scathachs Workout. Tough. Brutal. Uncompromising. No Surrender. Super Soldier Project.

The Battle of Bannockburn Workout

The Exercises:

  1. Plank with extra weight

    Hold a plank position with a weight on your back (such as a barbell plate) for 60 Seconds.

  2. Shuttle run sprints

    Bleep test. 2 minute round. 15/20 seconds to do 2 X there and back sprints of room, if you fail to do that in 15/20 seconds, undertake 10 Burpees. 10 seconds rest then repeat. Total of 4 Sprints and 4 rest periods.

  3. Tyre flip

    (As many as possible for 1 minute).

  4. Bosu ball weighted goblet squats

    Stand on an upturned Bosu ball and undertake weighted goblet squats for 1 minute, keeping balance and using core throughout.

  5. TRX push ups/mountain climbers

    TRX T-push ups X 4. Then immediately proceed to 10 X mountain climbers (both legs = 1 rep) and repeat for time. 1 minute.

  6. Heavybag assault

    All out assault on the punchbag for 1 minute. Maximum effort.

  7. Kettlebell man makers

    AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) for 2 minutes.

  8. KB/DB lunge with rotation

    for 1 minute.

  9. Alternate side squats

    for 1 minute.

  10. Hill running with squat holds

    (Treadmill hill running for 2 minutes with a squat hold for 1 minute at the end).

  11. Farmers walk with bear crawls

    Farmers walk with DB/KB/SB the length and back of a room. Bear crawls the length and back of a room. Alternate.

Scathachs Workout. Tough. Brutal. Uncompromising. No Surrender. Super Soldier Project.
Scathachs Workout. Tough. Brutal. Uncompromising. No Surrender. Super Soldier Project.

Ready for a battle? I hope so!

Highland Outlaw Workout

This is a predominantly sandbag based highlander workout with the incorporation of stability exercises and speed drills.

Equipment Required:

A sandbag, A BOSU ball, A punchbag. dumbbell or kettlebell and a plyo-box.

Set and Reps:

We are aiming for 3 X rounds of this workout. 2 X rounds if a beginner. 4 X rounds if advanced.

The Exercises:

1. Shield deadlifts

Stand on a Bosu ball and undertake single arm KB/DB deadlifts. 1 minute.

2. Bent over row: 

Using SB/DB’s/KB’s Lean your torso forward and squeeze the shoulder blades together bringing the centre of the weight up towards your chest. 1 minute.

3. Front to back squat sandbag flow

Essentially you just repeat the following pattern, front squat – overhead press – back squat – overhead press.  For 1 minute.

4. Sandbag good mornings

Start with the sandbag resting on the shoulders, with feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent. Bend forward at the hips, moving them back until you are almost parallel to the ground. Stand back up straight by pushing through the glutes and hamstrings. 1 minute.

5. Cattle Raid

Sprint to the end of a room, pick up a sandbag, kettlebell, dumbbells and return at a jog, then immediately sprint back for the next item X 4 rounds.

6. Sandbag step-ups

– Rest the SB across the back of your shoulders then step onto a plyometric box or platform and down again for 1 minute without rest. Alternate legs for the leading leg stepping up.

7. Lunges with rotation

– Hold the weight of choice in your hands (KB/SB/DB) Step forward on one leg. Lower your hips down until your trail knee almost touches the ground before pushing back off the lead leg to the standing position. At the same time rotate the trunk to the side on the same side as the forward leg.  Keep the core tight and squeeze the obliques.  Repeat, alternating the lunging leg and rotation side each time.  1-minute maximum reps.

8. Sandbag shouldering with overhead press

– Simple and effective. Undertake the squat of your choice for 1 minute. Back squats, goblet squats, Zercher squats. the choice is yours!

9. Shield push-ups

– Use the Bosu ball for instability X 20 reps.

10.Superset: Sandbag tricep extensions/Biceps curls

Hold the sandbag handles separately behind your head and let the bag hang down the line of your spine. Extend your triceps fully, keeping your elbows as close to your head as possible. Use the straps to curl the sandbag in a slow and controlled manner, pausing briefly to squeeze at top of the movement.

11. Highland charge

Sprint as fast as you can, twice from one end of the room to the other or around a room twice to a punchbag of your choosing. Hit the bag as hard as you can with any combination of strikes for 60 seconds.  If you don’t have access to a bag undertake shadow boxing.

Highlander Workout. Tough. Brutal. Uncompromising. No Surrender. Super Soldier Project.

Highland Games Workout

Relax. You don't have to throw any kettlebells or other weights! Leave that to these titans!

The Highland games began as tests of strength and conditioning for Scottish troops. Tree trunks would be made into cabers and tossed by the strongest military men.  Smooth rocks from river beds would be heaved for distance and lead weights would be tossed underhand over a bar more than twice as high as the athlete. The competitor who accumulated the most points from the contests would be named the Heavy Events Champion.

Since it is dangerous to throw weights or cabers around in a gym, or anywhere, I have made the workouts based on sandbags and kettlebells, it will be aimed at Strength building so challenge yourself and use the heaviest weights you are safe to use undertaking this highlander workout.

Equipment Required:

A sandbag, dumbbell or kettlebells (various sizes if possible) and a plyo-box.

Set and Reps:

We are aiming for 3X rounds of this workout. 2X rounds if a beginner. 4X rounds if advanced.

The Exercises:

1. Heavy two-handed kettlebell swings 

20 X Reps

2. Kettlebell Turkish get-ups 

with a medium kettlebell for 2 minutes (alternate sides).

3. Sandbag overhead squat 

X 15 reps.

4. Kettlebell around the worlds 

X 20 on each side.

5. Kettlebell Cleans 

X 12 reps each side or uses two KB’s.

6. Sandbag burpee then 2 X sandbag row  

(1 minute).

7. Sandbag press up and drag through to the other side. 

Repeat X 20 reps.

8. Double kettlebell shoulder press and push press 

X 12 reps.

Highland Games Workout. Tough. Brutal. Uncompromising. No Surrender. Super Soldier Project.

Whichever workout you undertake

Remember to cool down and drink water!

Workout complete!!

Braveheart Victory. Workout Complete. Strength, Speed and Endurance Drills. Super Soldier Program.
FREEDOM!! Leave the Gym and grab some food!

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