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About Us

About the Super Soldier Project

The project was created with blueprints for establishing simple, accessible and effective methods of training that work specifically for the individual. The development of a self-challenging, positive mindset that helps the individual attain those goals.

Of prime importance is a foundation build on solid work and accepting the sage advice of those already involved in all aspects of personal development.  It attempts to incorporate a holistic approach to training and includes all aspects of physical fitness. This includes the mental and spiritual aspects of healthy living.

The project uses scaffolds of accountability and self-honesty with an aim towards empowering the individual.  Of great importance is the identification of obstacles to successand commitment to making effective changes to lifestyle to counter those obstacles.  

If you fail in meeting your goals, scrutinise why you did and own it.  Identify ways to ensure you can move past it towards your goals.  Failure and honesty are your best friends, learn and adapt.  If something works use it. If something isn’t working then acknowledging the problem and making the necessary changes.

We can all be our own super soldiers and the secret formula we are chasing is already in us, it’s just a matter of digging deep!!

My Own Story

My own personal fitness journey began after a personal loss some years ago.  During this time I succumbed to the traditional negative coping mechanisms (aka alcohol abuse, avoiding grief, negative behaviours).  After some time wallowing in this mire of self pity I managed to come to my senses and realise the negative impact my poor life choices were giving me.  I was overweight, very unfit, in debt from my self destructive lifestyle and the overspending that came with that.

Eventually coming to terms with the loss helped me put things in perspective with regards to what I was becoming.  I felt dreadful on all levels, physically, spiritually, emotionally. This could not go on…something had to change.

I enrolled in a local gym and gained the help of a number of personal trainers. Although I was no stranger to gyms and exercise I struggled initially due to how unfit I had let myself become.  I was highly motivated however to turn things around.  I began to attend the gym three to four times a week, undertaking a program of circuit training, compound lifting and cardio (sprints and long distance runs).  Over the following weeks I began to attended the gym more frequently. This was usually around five times a week (often twice in one day).  Even on my days off I would ensure I got in some kind of training be it stretching or even just a long walk. I changed my diet completely getting rid of all the unhealthy things that were going on my plate and I even banned the booze, for 6 months, quite an accomplishment for me!

After 3 months with much hard work and dedication I had managed to achieve my goals and have never looked back.

A few years later towards the end of my personal trainer course I sat one evening watching the Marvel film Captain America.  There is a scene where the weak and sickly Steve Rogers undergoes the scientific experiment that sees him transformed into the Super Soldier comic book fans are familiar with.  This transformation takes mere seconds and afterwards Steve Rogers is faster, stronger and buffer than most men could even dream of.  If only I mused…

My own Super Soldier Project would require a great deal more time, effort and determination.

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