The Predator Workout

The Predator Workout

Welcome to our Predator Workout. A savage timed circuit where you have to stay one step ahead to avoid total annihilation … Can the hunted outpace the hunter?

Welcome to our Predator Workout, a savage workout paying homage to the 90’s action flick starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.  This workout is a combination of resistance training using barbells, kettlebells, sandbags or dumbbells, and bodyweight exercises in a timed HIIT circuit format.

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The Story so far...

Predator is a 1987 science fiction action film directed by John McTiernan and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The story involves a team of special force operatives led by Major “Dutch” Schaefer (Schwarzenegger).  His team are given orders to assist CIA man, Colonel Al Dillon (Carl Weathers), on a rescue mission for potential survivors of a helicopter downed in the South American jungle.  Dutch and his team soon discover however that they have been sent in under false pretences. This deception turns out to be the least of their worries though when they find themselves being methodically hunted by something, not of this world (In this case a highly evolved extraterrestrial lifeform).

The Predator uses advanced technology such as light bending armour to blend in with the forest and deadly, sophisticated weaponry to pick off members of the special ops team one-by-one.  As the story unfolds it becomes clear that the Predator is a sort of intergalactic big-game hunter, aiming to pit himself off against the galaxies best warriors, killing off the team for mere sport and taking skulls of the fallen as trophies.

Outgunned and outmatched, the team must put their combined combat experience to good use and make a stand against the pitiless, highly advanced extraterrestrial hunter. Is there any escape from the wrath of the Predator?

The following workouts pay homage to the movie. With five gruelling circuits to undertake followed by a ‘penalty’ Predator circuit for failing to beat the time cap.

“If it bleeds, we can kill it!!”

Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) on finding out the Predator is not invincible.

The Circuit

Warm ups

(Always warm up before starting any routine).  Start by performing mobility drills on shoulders, hips, ankles, wrist and neck muscles.  Use light core stretches to activate the muscle groups we shall be using.

After mobility drills use three rounds of the warm-up drills below.

The Hunt begins!!

  • The Predator Workout is a HIIT timed workout. It uses a combination of bodyweight exercises as well as resistance exercises (kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, sandbags can all be utilised). 
  • The circuit involves 5x time cap circuits that all must be completed one sequentially.  The aim of the game is to ensure you complete the required work within each circuit before the time runs out (5mins per circuit).  If at any point you fail you must ‘face the Predator’ ignoring all the other circuits and proceeding straight to the Predator circuit
  • Continue until all 5 rounds have been completed, if you can complete all five circuits within each 5 min time limit you have ‘escaped the jungle and the wrath of the predator’.
  • Concentrate on good effort and technique.
Work harder to keep ahead of the Predator

The Stations

1. The 'Dutch 'Circuit

'If it bleeds we can kill it!!

Time limit: 5 mins

  • Use whatever equipment you wish, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells or sandbag.
  • Choose a challenging but not impossible weight.
  1. Barbell Rows x 25 reps.
  2. Barbell curls x 25 reps.
  3. Front squats x 25 reps.
  4. Overhead press x 25 reps.
  5. Back squats x 25 reps.
  6. Good Mornings x 25 reps.

2. The 'Dillon' Circuit

Doesn't look like he's been pushing too many pens.

Time limit: 5 mins

  • 5 rounds
  • 10-8-6-4-2 reps of bench press. Ie, 1st round 10 x reps, 2nd round 8 x reps.
  • 15 x burpees after each round of bench press.

3. The 'Blaine' Circuit

"I ain't got time to bleed!" Self appointed 'Sexual Tyrannosaurus' Blaine.

Time limit: 5 mins

  • 5 rounds
  • Use whatever equipment you wish, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells or sandbag.
  • 10-8-6-4-2 reps of:
  • Choose a challenging but not impossible weight.
  • Deadlifts
  • Push Presses
  • Pull-Ups

4. The 'Mac' Circuit

"Gonna have me some fun!!" Mac unleashes hell.

Time limit: 5 mins

  1. 50 meter run.
  2. 40 x Air Squats.
  3. 30 x Sit-Ups.
  4. 20 x Push-Ups.
  5. 50 meter run.

5. The 'Billy' Circuit

"Somethings out there, it ain't no man" Billy.

Time limit: 5 mins

  1. 4 rounds:
  2. 20m Heavy Carry.
  3. 5 x Weighted squats.

Predator Showdown

"You are one ugly motherfucker!" (Dutch to the Predator)

If you have arrived at this point then you are well and truly fucked. Prepare yourself for a fight to the death!!

  • 20 x rounds (40 mins).
  • KB Clean and press. AMRAP for 1 minute.
  • 1-minute rest.
  • 8 x KB Straight-leg Deadlift 8 X Racked squats (repeat until 1 minute is up).
  • Rest 1 minute.
  • One minute work, one minute of rest. Continue until 40 mins have elapsed.

Whichever workout you undertake. Remember to cool down, stretch and drink water!

Hunt over!!

Did you get to the chopper? Or were you just another trophy for the collection?

If you have enjoyed our Predator Workout please share or feel free to comment below 🙂

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