SSP Commandments

Super Soldier Project Commandments

SSP commandments

No Excuses, Ever!

On ‘Rest’ days, make it active rest, light swimming or a long walk. Train every day, if you don’t feel like it or are ill. Go to the gym and promise to do just one thing! See where it takes you if you feel like doing more do more, if not then don’t, you have done that one thing!! Age is not an excuse, ability/disability is not an excuse. Get it done.

Find your own way.

There are many options out there with regards to what you can do to train. Do you like weights? Lift weights!! Cardio? Dancing? Do that!! Tailor your exercise regime to your specific goals. Be active and have fun!

Absorb what is useful, and discard the rest.

Bruce Lee couldn’t have put it any better. Something not working out for you? Recognise it and make the necessary changes.

Make use of your environment. 

Everything around you can be used as a training tool with a little imagination.

Adopt a Spartan mentality with regards to training. 

To train is to improve your life.  Get out of your comfort zone. Be harsh with yourself, monitor your goals with the passion of a zealot. Alway forward, never back.

Remove all distractions to your training.

No phones (or on aeroplane mode if using training apps!) Accept no interruptions. Get rid of clutter, keep only training tools that are useful. 

Own your life choices. Be responsible.

Did you overeat? A heavy night out boozing scupper your training plans? That’s on you and no one else, nobody forced you to do it.  Accept the bump in the road, and find a way to compensate.

Monitor your behaviours, emotions, mood swings, cravings.

The things that make you weak, learn coping mechanisms and workarounds to deal with them effectively so they don’t sabotage your gains.

Find your heroes, get motivation!!

There are plenty of Super Soldiers out there, go find them, read their stories and be inspired!!

Don't envy the success of others.

Learn from other people, study them and pick up what you can.  You should only ever be competing against yesterdays version of yourself.

Like the Marines motto 'Adapt, Improvise, Overcome'. 

Life is Jujitsu.  Always trying to choke us out, but fear not, there is always an escape or counter to every situation no matter how difficult.  Find it.

Self-centric attitude to training.

Sounds incredibly selfish, but when it comes to training nothing must upset your apple cart. At a wedding? Train before it, train in the hotel. Never ditch a training session.

Embrace your fears

Nothing wrong with being anxious about new things, the trick is not to let the fear cripple you into inactivity.  Scared of trying a new activity? Then you have to do it!!

Aim high. Fulfil your potential. 

Aiming high is fine, aiming low? Not so good. 😀 Be realistic with your goals but ultimately you want to push yourself as hard as possible!

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