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Monday Motivation Bodyweight Workout

Push yourself with our Monday Motivation Bodyweight Workout.  A Callisthenics based total-body circuit taking no longer than 20-30 minutes.  Aimed at burning calories and fat while improving your muscular strength and endurance.

We all know that feeling, its Monday once again.  The weekend is over and now you have to drag yourself out of bed and do it all over again.  It can be pretty hard to summon up the motivation to do any type of physical training with post-weekend grogginess.  So, make it easy on your self, keep it simple.  Start the week with a back to basics bodyweight workout!

For those not familiar with the term, AMRAP is the acronym for As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible.  These type of workouts can range in time limits from 10 to 30 minutes and usually include several exercises.

How an AMRAP circuit works:-

  • You have a limited number of exercises to be undertaken continuously within a specific time frame (for example 20 minutes).
  • Basically, work your way down the list of exercises.
  • Perform the required number of reps for each exercise before moving onto the next.
  • Once you have come to the end of the list, return to the beginning and start again.
  • Continue until the determined time is up.
  • With each particular bodyweight exercise, a separate body part is targetted.  This gives the body part you just exercised its ‘rest’ if you will!
  • Try to continue to the end, with no or little breaks!

These particular circuits below are 20-30 minutes in length (dependent on your available time!)  They are HIIT workouts designed to target muscular endurance, flexibility, core strength and cardio. Furthermore, they will target the majority of the muscle groups in your body, providing you with a full-body workout!

The Circuit

Make your choice 20 minutes or 30 minutes (for advanced), set the timer and get after it!

  1. Push-ups. 10 x reps.
  2. Triceps dip. 10 x reps.
  3. Shoulder push-ups. 10 reps.
  4. Plank with shoulder taps. 20 reps (10 taps each side).
  5. Ankle touchers. 20 reps (10 taps each side).
  6. Slow cycles 20 x reps
  7. Hip bridge 10 x reps.
  8. Jump lunges 20 x reps (10 reps each side).
  9. Squat holds and jumps. 10 x reps.
  10. Side lunges 20 (10 reps each side).
  11. Calve raises 20 (10 reps fast, 10 reps slow).
  12. Burpees 10 x reps.

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