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Lockdown Workout III

The third part in our series of Lockdown Workouts.  For those times when you stuck at home, with no access to the gym.  


During the Covid era, I came up with a series of posts on ‘Prison style – Lockdown’ workouts. That could be done anywhere, with little equipment.  The idea being that you had no excuses for not doing them.  They consisted of a lot of bodyweight exercises, mixed with functional stuff, boxing, martial arts moves, with some prison yard weights thrown into the mix.  The old posts became a bit dated, plus the nonsense they inflicted on us during that era, is something I try not to remember (but always will).

Out of something bad comes something good.  The workouts were fun at least and I decided to do more at a later date.  These workouts are for those times where you can’t get out to the gym, and you have basic weights available.  Stuck at the office? At home, waiting for delivery men? This is what these workouts are for.

Exercising at home vs Netflix/Video Games

  • Exercise is a healthy coping mechanism for tackling stress. Burn that negative energy out of your system and put it to good use!
  • Exercise keeps you away from unhealthy coping mechanisms (alcohol/drugs/cigarettes).  Aim to make progress not self-destruction.
  • Apathy – one of the seven deadly sins can kick in all too easy if you let it.  Turn Netflix off, at least for an hour and get active!
  • Once the pandemic is contained you are going to have to go back to work and your normal routine. Do you want to go back as a slob or fighting fit and ready for duty?
  • A healthy body creates a positive outlook which creates a healthy mind. Stay active, stay positive.

"The only way out is through."

The Circuit

Warm ups

(Always warm up before starting any routine).  Start by performing mobility drills on shoulders, hips, ankles, wrist and neck muscles.  Use light core stretches to activate the muscle groups we shall be using.

After mobility drills use three rounds of the warm-up drills below.

The Exercises

  • Equipment required: The exercises in the Lockdown Workout will be a combination of bodyweight exercises and dumbbell or kettlebell exercises (doesn’t matter which one you have).  If you don’t have access to weights of any kind then it’s time to get creative. Consider using plastic bottles with handles in place of weights (for ideas see our section on Home Workout equipment).
  • The Lockdown Workout contains 12 exercises with 3-5 rounds.  Do each exercise reps as prescribed and flow from one exercise to the next.  Each exercise will increase by 2 reps with each round ( for example, first round 6 reps, second round 8 reps etc).  Concentrate on good effort and technique and try not to exceed rest times.  Keep going.
  • 3 rounds (beginner) 4 rounds (intermediate) or 5 rounds (advanced).  Allow between 15/30/60 seconds rest at the end of each round (as per your fitness level – Keep as short as possible).  On the final round (ignore the clock/timer) and aim for as many reps as possible (i.e. to failure).
  1. Staggered push ups x10 reps.
  2. Triceps dip x10 reps.
  3. Shoulder push ups x10 reps.
  4. Plank with shoulder taps x20 reps.
  5. Ankle touchers x20 reps.
  6. Slow cycles x20 reps.
  7. Hip bridge x10 reps.
  8. Jump lunges x20 reps.
  9. Squat holds and jump x10 reps.
  10. Side lunges x20 reps.
  11. Calf raises x20 reps.
  12. Burpees x10 reps.
Lockdown Workouts. Bodyweight exercises.

After your prescribed rounds you are done!

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