Wonder Woman. Amazon Warrior Workout.Gym Workouts for Women.

Wonder Woman. Amazon Warrior Workout

Welcome to our Wonder Woman, Amazon Warrior Workouts! Full body functional workouts designed to develop core strength and muscular endurance.

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Truth or Fiction?


In comic book and film franchises like Wonder Woman, the Amazons dwell in the realm of fairy tale and make-believe.  Here they are portrayed as stunning, makeup wearing, scantily clad warriors imbued with legendary strength and abilities.  Did these athletic, badass, warrior women ever exist? Hmm, I wonder…The legend of the Amazons has been largely written off by historians in the past as a creation of Greek scribes inventing monsters for dramatic effect.  Let us investigate…


Amazon Workout. Scythian. Sarmatian. Warrior Women.
True origins of the Amazons?


However, these nomadic warrior women may have been from tribes such as the Scythian, the Sarmatian’s and the matriarchal tribe known as the Oiorpata (man/human killers/beaters) who inhabited the steppes of Asia around the Caucasus Mountains between 900 and 200 BC to current research.


What the Greeks say…

Greek sources that refer to these tribes describe women warriors who shot from horseback alongside the men. It is believed that it was this method of fighting, combined with their nomadic lifestyle and the need for highly skilled riders, that led to this inclusion of women in the fighting force.

They were cavalry experts, preferring to stay on horseback and use spears, bow-and-arrows, and axes. Their style of fighting was to only get off your horse if absolutely necessary.  They used the bow from a distance until they could close with the spear for the kill.


Amazon Workout. Scythian. Sarmatian. Warrior Women.


When the Greeks encountered the Oiorpata, they were horrified to find cannabis smoking, hard-drinking warriors who perceived men as equals and refused to let anyone just walk over them. They undoubtedly gave the Greeks a hard time in battle due to their cavalry hit and run tactics in comparison to the Greeks straight up fight, heavy infantry tactics. 

This must have been humiliating for the Greek armies.  Perhaps this explains the heavy propaganda about lesbianism, mutilating their own breasts, and neutering captured men (although maybe that happened too!).


Slayer of Cyrus the Great

One of the most famous of the Matriarchs of the tribes of the Steppes (Tomyris, queen of the Massegetai) is responsible for the death of the legendary ‘King of Kings’ Cyrus the Great of Persia.  He wanted her kingdom and offered to marry her for it.  She declined, so of course, they fought each other instead. 

(According to Herodotus) Cyrus was killed and Tomyris had his corpse beheaded and then crucified the body.  Not satisfied, she then shoved his head into a wineskin filled with human blood!


Amazon Women. Tomyris. Cyrus the Great. Herodotus.
Don’t screw with the Amazons, they’ll pepper you with arrows, spears, behead you and serve your head up in your own blood. Nice.


“I warned you that I would quench your thirst for blood, and so I shall!”

Tomrys to the defeated Cyrus the Great (according to Herodotus).

(Make sure you have the same attitude on these workouts!)


These real-life Amazon warriors must have had tremendous lower body physical strength to remain on horseback for long periods.  Insane core strength, motor skills and coordination are required to horse ride and shoot a bow or spear throw simultaneously.  To fire a compound bow requires tremendous upper body strength particularly in the chest and back regions.  As such the circuits below will be aimed at increasing these physical attributes. I hope you enjoy our Wonder Woman circuits!!


Amazon Women. Athletic. Core stability. Upper Body Strength.
Amazon women masters of the bow and horse-riding.

‘Diana’ Circuit

Equipment Required: A sandbag, A BOSU Ball, A punchbag. Dumbbell or kettlebell and a Plyo box.

Set and Reps: We are aiming for 3X rounds of this workout. 2X rounds if a beginner. 4 X rounds if advanced.

Superset 1

  1. Barbell squats 4 rounds of 12 reps (80% maximum rep).
  2. Dumbbell step-ups 4 rounds of 15 reps (Lightweight dumbbells).
Barbell Back Squat. Dumbbell Step Up. Compound Exercise. Total Body Workout. Muscular Strength. Muscular Endurance. Gym Workouts for Women.
(1 – Left) Barbell back squat. (2 – Right) Dumbbell step up.


Superset 2

  1.  Dumbbell chest press 12 reps total (6 reps with a heavier weight, 6 reps with a lighter weight).
  2.  Press ups – 12 reps.
Resistance Training. Chest Press. Dumbbells. Bodyweight exercises. Pushups. Gym Workouts for Women.
(1 – Left) Dumbbell Chest Press. (2 – Right) Pushups.


Superset 3

  1.  Pull-ups  10 reps (or variation – Deadhangs, Australian Pull-ups, TRX Rows).
  2.  Dumbbell rows 4 rounds of 12 reps (80% maximum rep).
Resistance Training. Dumbbells. Pullups. Upper body strength workout. Back exercises. Dumbbell rows. Muscular Endurance.
(1 – Left) Pullups. (2 – Right) Dumbbell Rows.


Superset 4

  1.  Tire flips for 1 minute.
  2.  Burpees for 1 minute.
Tire Flip. Burpees. Functional Fitness. HIIT cardio.
(1 – Left) – Tire flip. (2 – Right) – Burpees.


Superset 5

  1.  Kettlebell swings 4 rounds of 20 swings.
  2.  Shuttle runs – 50m jog, 25m sprint for 1 minute.
Functional Fitness. Amazon Workout. Muscular Endurance. Kettlebell Swings. Sprint drills. HIIT cardio.
(1 – Left) Kettlebell swings. (2 – Right) Sprint Drills.


Superset 6

  1.      Medicine ball wall throws for 1 minute.
  2.      Medicine ball Russian twists for 20 reps.
Russian Twist. Wall Ball Throws. Functional Exercises. Core exercises.
(1 – Left) Russian twists using a medicine ball. (2 – Right) Wall ball throws.


Superset 7

  1.  Medicine ball press ups for 20 reps.
  2.  Plyo box jumps for 1 minute (Brief hold of squat on descending to the floor).


Box Jumps. Plyometric training. Medicine Ball exercises. Triceps Push Ups. Functional Exercises. Amazon Workout. Muscular Strength and Endurance. Super Soldier Project.
(1- Left) Plyometric Box jumps. (2 – Right) Medicine ball triceps push-ups.

Wonder Woman.
Wonder Woman wouldn’t quit, and neither should you, get back at it!!

Enjoying our circuits so far? Try some of our other workout routines below! 

Core of Iron. Core workout. Abs. Abdominal workout. Core training. Super Soldier Project.


‘Artemis’ Circuit

Equipment required: A Barbell, A BOSU Ball, A punchbag. Dumbbell or kettlebell and a Plyo box.

Set and reps: We are aiming for 3X rounds of this workout. 2X rounds if a beginner. 4X rounds if advanced.

Superset 1

  1. Barbell deadlifts 12 reps (80% maximum rep).
  2. Pistol squats 16 reps – 8 each leg. (TRX or Dumbbells).
Deadlifts. Resistance Training. Glutes exercises. Leg exercises bodyweight.
(1 – Left) Deadlifts. (2 -Right) Pistol Squat. 


Superset 2

  1. TRX Chest press 4 rounds of 12 reps.
  2. Incline/Decline press ups 4 rounds of 16 reps (8 declines, 8 inclines).
TRX Chest Press. Incline Pushups. Decline Push ups. Chest exercises for women. Gym workouts for women.
(1- Left) TRX Chest Press. (2 – Right upper) Incline pushups. (2- Right lower) Decline pushups.


Superset 3

  1. TRX back rows 4 rounds of 12 reps.
  2. Back extensions 4 rounds of 12 reps.
TRX Back exercises. Back Extensions. TRX exercises. Bodyweight Training. Amazon Workout. Back exercises for women.
(1 – Left) TRX back rows. (2 – Right) Back extensions.


Superset 4

  1. Battle rope slams for 1 minute.
  2. Jump squats for 1 minute.
Functional fitness. Rope battle exercises. Squat Jumps. Leg exercises for women. Core workout for women.
(1 – Left) Battle-rope slams. (2 – Right) – Squat jumps.


Superset 5

  1. Kettlebell one armed swings – 4 rounds of 20 swings (2 rounds for each arm).
  2. Shuttle runs – 50m jog, 25m sprint for 1 minute.
Kettlebell Swings. Sprints drills. Functional fitness. HIIT cardio.
(1- Left) Kettlebell Swings (One-armed).
(2 – Right) Sprint drills.


Superset 6

  1. Medicine ball slams for 1 minute.
  2. Hollow rocks 20 reps.
  3. Prone cobras for 20 reps.
Medicine Ball Slams. Hollow Rocks. Prone Cobras. Functional training. Core exercises. Bodyweight Training.
(1 – Top – Medicine ball slams.) (2 – Bottom left – Hollow rocks) (3 – Bottom right – Prone cobras)


Superset 7

  1. Medicine ball triceps press ups for 20 reps.
  2. Dynamic jump lunges for 20 reps.
Medicine Ball Push ups. Triceps exercises for women. Jumping Lunges. Functional Exercises. Leg exercises for women.
(1 – Left) Medicine ball pushups. (2 – Right) Jumping Lunges.

Whichever workout you undertake

Remember to cool down and drink water!


Workout Complete!!

Wonder Woman. Workout complete.
Workout complete! Now you are ready to take on the world!

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