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3 Round Sandbag Workout

Short on time but still need a good effective workout? Introducing the 3 Round Sandbag Workout


Reasons to use the Sandbag


They build strength and stability

The sandbag is a constantly shifting centre of mass requiring support from many stabilising and core muscles to help control the movements. The constant challenge to stability helps build overall strength and core stability.  Targeting the muscles in ways that traditional resistance training methods never could.

Furthermore, it is fantastic for improving function in everyday life, particularly we are carrying or lifting awkward objects in life, work or sport.

Sandbag get ups. Functional Fitness. Core exercises.
Sandbag get-ups. A move than requires great core strength due to the bags instability and constantly shifting movement.


You can train anywhere!!

You can literally train anywhere with a sandbag, be it the gym, at home or outdoors.  They are easy to make (See our section on homemade training equipment for making your own sandbag), and can be transported with ease (simply bring an empty duffel bag to your destination and fill it up once you arrive!)

Sandbag squats. Functional fitness. Leg strengthening exercises.
Sandbag squats.


Sandbag training is cheap

Commercial sandbags are relatively cheap. However, you can very easily construct your own and in some ways, the homemade varieties are often better for training. Duffel bags do not cost much and sand is cheap from DIY stores.  Additionally, training is easily progressed or regressed by adding or taking out sand as required. See our section on homemade sandbags in makeshift gym equipment.


It’s incredible for all-around conditioning

Sandbag workouts involving shoulder load carries, sprints, drags and throws are incredible drills regardless of your sporting background. The power and strength required to power sandbag moves will develop your total body strength and endurance.


Sandbag workout. Functional Training. Full Body Workouts. Core Workouts.
Mastering the sandbag. Full body and core workouts!!


It develops your grip strength

The sandbags instability means you will really have to maintain a firm grip on it whilst undertaking movements.  This constant challenge will help to develop an iron grip, one element of functional fitness that is often overlooked in training.


Bent over row. Sandbag workout. Functional fitness. Full Body Workouts. Sandbag back exercises
Sandbag bent over rows.





(Perform Mobility drills on shoulders, hips, ankles, wrist and neck muscles prior to warm-up)

3 Rounds – 20 Air Squats. 15 Jumping Jacks, 10 Press Ups. 30 Mountain Climbers. 


Warm up exercises.
Warm-up exercises.




The Circuit


This circuit contains 13 exercises and 3 rounds (4 or 5 if you are advanced) – do as prescribed and flow from one to the next with no rest.  Allow between 15/30 seconds rest if required at the end of each round. 



Sandbag Workout. Functional Training.


Sandbag Workout. Functional Training.


Sandbag Workout. Functional Training.

(3X rounds. No rest between sets. 15/30 seconds rest between rounds).

Remember to cool down and drink water!



Workout Complete!!


Sandbag Workout. Functional Training.


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