Krav Maga – Influences

Krav Maga is a hybrid, eclectic system. It has sought to utilise and absorb effective techniques from other systems rather than replace them.  Taking what is useful from available systems and leaving behind techniques they felt were outdated or obsolete.

Primary Influences

  1. Karate: Striking (Kicks and punches).
  2. Western Boxing: (Punching and defending techniques).
  3. Wrestling: (Take-downs, ground work, submissions and throws).
  4. Judo: (Take-downs, escapes and throws).
  5. Defendu: (Self defense techniques. Dirty street fighting).
  6. Aikido: (Empty-hand weapon defences, throws).
  7. Street Fighting: (Imre’s experiences, based on what worked in street encounters).

Secondary Influences

Over the years techniques from other fighting arts have been added including:

  1. BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu): (ground fighting elements, submissions and chokes).
  2. Muay Thai: (Round kicks, knees and elbow techniques).
  3. Savate: (Kicking techniques).
  4. Wing Chun: (striking, locking and trapping techniques).

Although some purists teach the original version of the system (see ‘Organisations’ in ‘Getting started’ section).

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