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Company fourfivecbd has recently launched the Immunity Box a nutritional box filled with supplements that boost the immune system.  Priced at the discounted price of £39.99, the limited edition box contains supplements from some of the UK’s fastest growing health brands with a total value of £99. 

For the launch of the exclusive box, which will be available for a limited time only, fourfivecbd and supporting brands (Inessa, Creative Nature, Wild Nutrition, Link Nutrition, Nutrigold and Pulsin)have partnered with Compassion London, a charity that is preparing and delivering thousands of meals a day, across London to a variety of groups, NHS workers, families and children in need and the homeless. From each box sold, three meals will be donated to those that need it most. has teamed up with fourfivecbd and charity Compassion London to promote the launch of the Immunity Box.

Each Immunity Box contains

Creative Nature – Raw Cacao Powder

Creative Nature’s Raw Cacao Powder is untreated, high in magnesium, iron and can reduce fatigue. Add it to anything sweet from protein shakes to home bakes.

Inessa – Advanced Daily Biotic

Inessa’s Advanced Daily Biotic Inessa provides Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG, the most scientifically studied and best clinically documented strain of good bacteria in the world.

Wild Nutrition – Food-Grown KSM-66 Ashwagandha

From Wild Nutrition. This incredible herb from  is most well known for its ability to reduce stress and promote a calmer and happier sense of being. A growing body of evidence is being collated around this powerful herb with an impressive variety of health benefits.

Link Nutrition – Vitamin C Complex

Link Nutrition’s Vitamin C complex contains a unique formula of Food Based​® ​nutrients; zinc, vitamin c and bioflavonoids. These nutrients exist alongside their naturally occurring cofactors such as fibre, glycoproteins and amino acids, which work synergistically with one another, supporting the transfer and absorption of nutrients throughout the body.

Nutrigold – Vegan Vitamin D3

Nutrigold’s Vegan Vitamin D3 capsules contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

Pulsin – Peanut Choc Vegan Protein Bar

Pulsin’s delicious Peanut Choc vegan protein bar contains the optimum blend of pea and rice protein to provide all of the essential amino acids.

fourfivecbd – Orange Flavoured Soluble Tablets

Each orange flavoured water-soluble tablet contains 5mg of broad spectrum CBD in addition to vitamins and minerals designed to support your immune system, help reduce tiredness and contribute to healthy muscle function.

The Immunity Box comes with a leaflet containing product and discount codes for each associated brand’s website.

A very worthwhile cause at a very desperate time for many people and families struggling across London and indeed the world.

For more information about The Immunity Box, please visit

About fourfivecbd

fourfivecbd was created by George Kruis and Dominic Day. It’s the fruit of years of labour inspired by their long rugby careers, in which they experienced the beauty of the life of an athlete to the fullest. Together, they experienced the ups and downs of leading a healthy and active lifestyle, emerging with a need to share what they learned about the world of athleticism – and to change it for the better.

“We’re very proud to launch The Immunity Box alongside all of the supporting brands we have teamed up with. The current situation has made us all more aware than ever of the need to ensure we are leading as healthy a lifestyle as possible. The Immunity Box will offer people the opportunity to try out supplements for the first time and to experience the benefits they can offer – whilst also supporting Compassion London in providing meals to the people that really need it.”

About Compassion London

Compassion London was founded by Leon Arts in mid March, with the mission that ‘No-one goes to bed hungry!’ The organisation prepares and delivers thousands of meals a day to a variety of groups in London covering NHS workers, families and children in need and the homeless.

The donations from this initiative will contribute significantly to helping us reach front line workers, families and children, and the homeless with delicious and nutritious meals during this difficult time.

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